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Lovers, parents to be, small or large family ... Keep track of your happy moments ...

Time flies and all the happy or ordinary little moments in our lives of lovers, future or young parents are often only immortalized by our smartphones. These are pretty memories but what could be better than keeping records of these precious moments with spontaneous and professional images… It was when I became a mother myself that I felt the need to call a professional photographer to capture those moments of my life. And it was also at this time that I decided to offer you this kind of photo session.


The body of a pregnant woman is sublime. My wish is that you keep track of this moment - finally - fleeting and that you find yourself as beautiful as I see you. These sessions take place ideally at home, in your little cocoon. We can also plan them outside in the summer. As a couple with the future dad or alone, I like to imagine this session as a sweet parenthesis in this great adventure of motherhood. These sessions should be scheduled between the 7th month and the last month of pregnancy, it depends a bit the size of your belly and your feelings. We discuss in advance about the clothes to wear and your fears or questions ... These sessions are only possible on weekdays.

photographe nice pour couple

We rarely take time to have a romantic break that we can watch over and over again, years later. A love session is about immortalizing your love, to capture your tender gestures, your big smiles and your emotions ... City stroll, escaped on the French Riviera, at home, in a hotel room ... I carry out these sessions like a stroll in a place that we choose together in Nice or its surroundings and occasionally in Paris. Session only carried out during the week.


Since my son was born, I have made him a photo book every year with all our lovely memories of the past few months. I want him to be able to leaf through these books in a few years and read through the pictures how much we love each other. That's how I imagined the family session. Spending time with you, in your daily life, at home or outside, and capturing your family complicity, what unites you, the glances between you, the laughter, the hugs, the tickles... For this session, there is nothing to prepare, I make myself as small as possible so that you can forget my presence!
The sessions are mainly done during the week between March and October and at the weekend the rest of the year.

From 360 euros