A few weeks after leaving my Parisian lovers, I was lucky enough to find them here in Nice for a sunny engagement shoot before their wedding next year. We started our walk in the Vieux-Nice. On the agenda, strolling through the so Italian alleys of this corner of the city, looking for pretty lights and tasting a gelato for our lovers. The ochre, terra-cotta and yellow colours of the Vieux are really unique, they automatically transport us to Italy and its Dolce Vita. I then embarked the lovers under the arcades at the Place Jacques Chirac, one of my favourite spots for pretty graphic photos. At each hour of the day, the light is changing and the atmosphere is different. </p>

Laura wanted to put on a dress that was dear to her heart, given to her by designer Christina Sfez. Such a romantic look that we took advantage of the backlight offered on the square to make a few more images before enjoying the sunset on our famous Prom.

This ride was a big first for me. Used to city sessions in Montmartre, since I live here in Nice, I prefer photo sessions at the beach or in the middle of nature. I really enjoyed “hunting” the flattering lights and shadows … of the city. 

Séance photo engagement Nice