Hi, I'm Julie.

Passionate photographer,
Mother of two sunny little boys,
Inspired by the Mediterranean way of life...

After several years of working in the cultural scene in Paris, I let everything fall to accompany lovers for the happiest day of their lives. I sail between Paris and Provence and I follow you everywhere in France and abroad, in the city or in the wilderness, in your wildest adventures to tell in pictures your story... For me, photography is above all a fabulous object of memory and transmission from generation to generation. I like to be both a witness and a creator of your memories. I like to imagine that you will be watching these images in 30 years with your loved ones and that they will make you relive these happy moments!


This is where I will be passing soon. How about a little session together ?

Wedding Photographer based in New York

Travel, Editorial, Portraits ... My work as a photographer and my eshop !